Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Modbury and the plastic bag

The small town of Modbury in the South Hams of Devon has come up with an interesting ban - on plastic bags.

This makes for interesting reading. It also shows how cuckoo some people have become. A few facts for the people of Modbury:

Plastic bags take up very, very little space in landfills. Analysis of landfills after they have been filled and compacted shows that plastic occupies a very small part of the bulk of the fill. Therefore, if plastic bags are used, their impact on the size and need for landfills is marginal.

Ah, yes, but plastic isn't biodegradable, you, the gentle people of Modbury, posit to support your argument.

Well, I'm sorry to deflate your plastic bag but there is such a thing as a biodegradable plastic bag. Here is an example:

Mountain Equipment Coop.

Note their comment about paper bags:

"At first glance, paper bags seem to be the solution: they're made from a renewable resource, and they're biodegradable and recyclable. But paper bags consume many times more energy to create and transport than plastic bags. Manufacturing paper also puts out a considerable amount of air pollution and consumes a lot of water. In addition, paper bags are not as durable as plastic in wet weather"


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