Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Energy "Saving" Lightbulbs

The UK Government seems hell bent on introducing the Home Information Package very soon. A part of this basically useless piece of government interference in the free market place is that "experts" will assess the environmental value of the property and any energy saving light bulbs and fittings will be rated.

The UK is basically a cold country. We heat our homes and very few have air-conditioning. So if the home is well insulated, any heat generated in the building will be a welcome addition. In fact, any additional heat will reduce the need to have the central heating on, thus saving oil, gas or electricity.

Old-fashioned light bulbs give of light and heat. Energy efficient light bulbs only give off light and then with certain limitations. On the face of it, this seems good, but if we were to add up all the heat sources in a home:

Central heating + lighting + oven + hob + stereo + TV + hair dryer + computer + add-your-additional-items-here

Then it can be seen that any additional heat merely reduces the central heating requirement. The system's thermostat will switch off more often if there are other appliances switched on.

So if and when the Government trained inspector assesses your home, remember this post!


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