Thursday, February 01, 2007

We're back and hotter than ever!

We're hotter than ever about what has been going on, despite the progress made in education of the "general public" about climate change.

So, back comes "Global Warming is Good" after an short absence. The number of respondents complaining at the cessation of this blog surprised me but I felt that their level of understanding was so refreshingly questioning of the powers that be that I still considered the job was done. But, a look at the media today tells a different story.

It was this story that got me hotter than a globally warmed (sunny side up) egg on a rock in the Sahara desert! The IPCC has come out with its "definitive" report that states that present day global warming is "most likely" to be the response to human activity. This translates into a guesswork statistic - "most likely" apparently means a "90% probability".

Now, two things immediately come to my mind. The first is the source of this report. The IPCC consists of a huge group of people who have a strong vested interest in the entire concept of man-made global warming. Heretics to their way of thinking are discredited and sent to scientific oblivion. Don't expect to be invited to speak at a climate change debate if you disagree with the IPCC's findings!

The second is the airy fairy way that the media reports the "official" findings. "Most likely" is an opinion, not a factual statement. Then, to say this means 90% probability, does little to confirm anything of their rationale for using anything else than "I don't really know".

OK, there's more. IPCC studied data all the way back to 1990. In geological time scale terms that is nothing, nada, zip. We are emerging from an Ice Age! We also know that sunspot activity has a strong control on climate and that nearly all the greenhouse gases are of natural origin.

And finally, one expert is quoted as saying "there is no doubt that for this period, the climate has been changing faster than the IPCC predicted." Think about that one!


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Welcome back Paul. I'll be checking back regularly. Keep up the good work.

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