Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Politics of Global Warming

The mass hysteria that has been generated by politicians and the media knows no boundaries. Generally, it would appear that those of us over 50 years old are more likely to be quizzical about the entire global warming phenomenon. After all, we've had a lot more experience in dealing with "those who believe they know better and tell us so repeatedly".

The Stern Report is a fine example of the genre. To be absolutely cynical about the entire thing, here is my scenario of what happened.

Gordon Brown sits in his office, wondering what new taxes he can foist on an unsuspecting nation. He needs more money because he is wasting so much of what he already garners from a public that has long since laid down and played dead to taxation (and inheritance taxes are the biggest scam of all, by the way). He calls an economist friend and asks him if he will dream up a report to support a carbon tax.

Sir Nicholas Stern writes the report, making sure that it contradicts just about everything in the Copenhagen Consensus (a "deniers study"). As a "leading economist and knight of the realm", Stern makes the necessary banner headlines.

Brown takes the report and with the help of colleagues such as David Milliband hits the airwaves and print media. The public are convinced. Carbon taxes are introduced, even retrospectively in the case of advance purchase airline tickets, and off the Treasury goes again. Another Stealth Tax, this one literally founded on hot air.


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