Friday, June 23, 2006

2,000 years is a long time in politics!

This report typifies the problem that politicians have when it comes to grappling with global warming issues. And because, unfortunately, most politicians are lawyers, they deal with anything but reality.

The bottom line with this report, however, still remains clouded in uncertainty and, as all geologists know, the evidence is far from conclusive when taken over such a small time scale.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

If there's no water in the Southeast of England....

....then why would I see a full-to-the-brim reservoir while flying from London Heathrow to Paris Charles de Gaulle on Tuesday afternoon? As best I can tell, the reservoir in question is Bewl Bridge Reservoir, southeast of Tunbridge Wells.

Of course, there may be a good reason why this reservoir remains full - the water company may be saving it for last while using up underground supplies from deep wells. As a possibly hot, dry summer approaches this may not make a lot of sense as it is during the warm season (even in England) when the most evaporation will take place. Did I say a good reason?

Photo Explained

The picture of your host on this site needs an explanation:

I am standing by an abandoned well head in the El Santo Field, Eastern Venezuela, taking a GPS reading of its location. This well flowed uncommercial heavy oil and the field remains undeveloped at the present time. It represents the vast remaining resources available to us (long after the doomsayers will tell us we will have run out of oil).

In the background the plantation of California Pines has burned. Although by association with the oil well it would be easy to conclude that the two are related, in fact the fire was started by a lightning strike during the dry season when fires are extremely common.