Monday, May 29, 2006

"We must all do our bit" - But why?

The largest, most wasteful bureaucracy on the planet has once again come up with a nonsensical policy, as reported here by the BBC.

We can all do our bit to fight climate change, the EU will say at a new policy lauch by the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels. Stop a leaking tap, turn off unnecessary lights. But not because we might save money, but so we can save the planet.

Not really. The truth behind this new policy is reflected in the woeful and wasteful policies the EU has foisted on its member countries as well as the many thoughtless policies that individual countries have introduced. The water shortage in the the southeast of England is a typical example. Poor planning, privatization of a key utility and bad management have conspired to make water resources scarce in a country blessed with abundant rainfall. This directive from Brussels is simply too little too late. The bureaucrats are shifting the blame from their incompetent shoulders onto the public's. Don't be taken in by it.


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