Sunday, May 28, 2006

A musical aside

This post has little to do with the politics of global warming but everything to do with Professor Emeritis Philip Stott, a.k.a. Envirospin. Not only is he on the right side of the climate change debate (and a very important component in the battle formation, both worldwide and in the UK) but he is also an avid Mac user. This came out in a discussion on his new web site devoted to his love for music. Now be warned, when you click on Philip Stott's Music Box several large files begin to download. But it will only take a minute or so on broadband, so go ahead, try out the music box!

Other Mac enterprises the good professor has worked with recently include using the app Comic Life to drive home some inane work being done by our good "friends-of-the-earth" BBC. The results are on Envirospin.


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