Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Control Global Warming - that's a (tall) order

The good Professor hits the nail on the head by invoking history in the form of King Canute (he who knew he could not control the tides despite the advice of his courtiers). A wonderful analog.

Monday, May 29, 2006

"We must all do our bit" - But why?

The largest, most wasteful bureaucracy on the planet has once again come up with a nonsensical policy, as reported here by the BBC.

We can all do our bit to fight climate change, the EU will say at a new policy lauch by the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels. Stop a leaking tap, turn off unnecessary lights. But not because we might save money, but so we can save the planet.

Not really. The truth behind this new policy is reflected in the woeful and wasteful policies the EU has foisted on its member countries as well as the many thoughtless policies that individual countries have introduced. The water shortage in the the southeast of England is a typical example. Poor planning, privatization of a key utility and bad management have conspired to make water resources scarce in a country blessed with abundant rainfall. This directive from Brussels is simply too little too late. The bureaucrats are shifting the blame from their incompetent shoulders onto the public's. Don't be taken in by it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A musical aside

This post has little to do with the politics of global warming but everything to do with Professor Emeritis Philip Stott, a.k.a. Envirospin. Not only is he on the right side of the climate change debate (and a very important component in the battle formation, both worldwide and in the UK) but he is also an avid Mac user. This came out in a discussion on his new web site devoted to his love for music. Now be warned, when you click on Philip Stott's Music Box several large files begin to download. But it will only take a minute or so on broadband, so go ahead, try out the music box!

Other Mac enterprises the good professor has worked with recently include using the app Comic Life to drive home some inane work being done by our good "friends-of-the-earth" BBC. The results are on Envirospin.

Friday, May 26, 2006

So it's the sun that causes global warming!

This article pitches a new twist into the global warming debate. Researchers have found a correlation between the energy the sun puts out (measured by sunspot activity) and the temperature on Earth. Another Homer Simpson "Doh!" is justified.

But the highlight of the article comes at the end when David Bellamy is quoted (and I quote):

"Global warming - at least the modern nightmare version - is a myth," he said. "I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the world's politicians and policy-makers are not.

"Instead, they have an unshakeable faith in what has, unfortunately, become one of the central credos of the environmental movement: humans burn fossil fuels, which release increased levels of carbon dioxide - the principal so-called greenhouse gas - into the atmosphere, causing the atmosphere to heat up. They say this is global warming: I say this is poppycock."

By the way, David Bellamy is introduced as "the conservationist". How interesting, because you can be sure he got that moniker way before he spoke out against the religion of global warming!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Canada and Kyoto

Today's Calgary Globe and Mail carries a front page piece that suggests the Conservative government of Canada is going to pull the plug on Kyoto. "Concerned activists" (see previous post) see this as the beginning of the end of Kyoto, for if Canada were to join the dark side then Kyoto is indeed on its deathbed. Long live Canada!

Please may I be an activist?

Why is it that only the bleeding heart liberals can be called "activists"? I think you might agree that this blog is "active" (it certainly isn't passive) so does that make me an activist? Probably not. It's not important anyway but I do find it interesting that the media always preface a Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth spokesperson as a "concerned acrtivist" or some similar gratuitous moniker.