Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Canada Leading the Way - Again

The Daily Telegraph reported this on Sunday - perhaps the only main line media outlet in the UK to do so - while our new would-be Tory leader David Cameron spouts the following soundbite rhetoric (lifted directly from the Tory Party Website):

Climate change is a huge and growing problem.

In Britain the three hottest years since records began centuries ago all occurred in the last decade.

Our planet is rapidly getting warmer.

The polar ice caps are melting.

Sea levels are rising.

Hosepipe bans in April.

What more evidence do we need?

We simply cannot afford to ignore it.

This Government hasn't taken the environment nearly seriously enough.

We need to be the party that doesn't tiptoe around the issue.

Instead of just far-off targets that we will never meet, we need binding targets for carbon emissions every year.

We can take a lead.

We can make a difference.

There are some obvious problems with what Mr. Cameron says he believes. Fancy using the "statistics" of three recent summers to base your scientific case! Ice caps are indeed getting smaller and glaciers should be retreating as we are, after all, still emerging from a significant Ice Age. (Doh!) What those hose pipe bans have to do with it all I fail to see - this is a function of poor planning and a lack of provision of supplies, not a reflection of the climate we live in! Dear Mr. Cameron, perhaps you should listen to the experts who disagree with you (like those 60 Canadian scientists) for a change. Then you might just get my support. Not until then.


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