Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wired - Tim Flannery Interview

I am not going to get into a knock down drag out discussion about this interview, the first of three on global warming, but instead focus on the Flash intro to Tim Flannery's promotional site. The moving headlines sum up the paranoia that is being pushed by the environmentalists to further their own cause. Not one positive effect has been identified. This introduction passes us onto a page that defines Flannery's world tour, mostly to museums and zoos where I am sure his books will be signed and sold and his ideas promulgated to those who choose to listen. Probably preaching to the choir but nonetheless reinforcing many of the voodoos that have become accepted, as demonstrated in the first sentence from the Wired interviewer:

"The scientific evidence is now overwhelming that unchecked growth in fossil fuel use throughout the next half-century will produce a global climate catastrophe"

Just a little one-sided?


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