Friday, March 10, 2006

May I use your Greenland photos?

An interesting day. For several weeks I had been planning to re-design the Greenland photo spread that was taken on an unusually northerly route over the glaciers and icecap. Today I uploaded the photos and a Focalplane gallery that shows these images against a black background (much better than in Flickr ;) )

With a few exceptions, nobody views the images. Then I get an e-mail from asking if they can use two photos to support an article on the fact that "2005 was the hottest year since 1880". Well, you can imagine my reaction! So what - in geological terms (and they are the terms) 125 years is nothing, nada, zilch.

So I politely refused. Here is the text of my response:

"Dear ------

I am sorry but I cannot give permission for my photos to be used for an article that supports the concept of anthropogenic global warming. There simply isn't enough evidence for the assumptions being made by the media. When the media understands that geological time spans need to be analyzed, not human life times or research program time scales, then we might be getting somewhere in the climate change debate.

Clearly I am on the other side of the fence from the author. As a professional geologist (Ph.D. 1970) I consider myself qualified to judge whether or not my photos should be used in this context.

I hope this doesn't disappoint - but there you have it.

Best regards"

To the point, friendly and reasonable.


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