Monday, January 30, 2006

Who is this Stark guy?

Monday morning - time to see what the BBC has for us.

Headline banner "Stark Warning over Climate Change". Contents are conclusions from a February 2005 conference organized by the British Meteorological Office and have been published by the UK Government. Scientists claimed at the conference that greenhouse gases will soon increase to "dangerous levels", reaching the so-called tipping point where major calamities could occur. Such as the Greenland ice cap melting, sea level rise of 7 meters by the year 3006, and other catastrophes that would convince the believers of John's Revelation that they are on the right course for rapture.

Following from all the doomsday scenarios there is a small glimmer of hope, as one scientist points out the statistical uncertainties surrounding all the predictions.

I am going to have to be a little cynical about this (it is after all in my nature to cynically question such matters) and state that I marvel that the British Meteorological Office was capable of organizing a conference. They have an appalling record of missing the prediction of major storms in the UK (the 2005 Birmingham Tornado being the latest example) and, in collaboration with the BBC manage to dun down the information at their disposal to cartoon pap that they believe the lay community of weather watchers might be able to understand.

For the record, we planned the past weekend using accuweather and they got it right. Which they usually do! Perhaps they should organize the next climate change conference?


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