Friday, December 02, 2005

Why the title?

Why did I call this blog "Global Warming is Good" and why does its URL include the word "globallychanging"?

My reference to global warming being good is out of frustration that the greens and the media always see the glass half empty, never half full. Indeed, august bodies such as the Royal Society have also failed to see the good side of a potentially warmer climate. The House of Lords report, on the other hand, did note some of the benefits and chastized those who only stressed the negative.

Am I guilty of stressing too much of the positive aspect of climate change? Maybe. But I do recognize that for every positive there can be a negative and this is something that seems to escape the observation skills of a green. My aim is to create balance in the reporting of climate change issues. As long as the media don't provide balance I feel it necessary to stress the positive aspects of climate change as well as to attempt to provide some education on the scientific basis for inquiry into climate change. This blog will have served its purpose the day that the media starts to do its job properly. But then we will have the politicians to contend with. . . .


Blogger Wadard said...

Idiot! You take a position, not based on science, but on the belief there are two sides to truth.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Wadard said...

The logical premise of your blog is that you hate greens.

AGW would still be an issue of there were no greens.

3:35 AM  

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