Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sir David King's catastrophic climate change conundrum

When the British establishment turns a scientist into a titled scientist something happens to him (the scientist). Professor King is the government's chief scientific advisor and he has a bee in his bonnet about carbon dioxide emissions. The BBC reports that he sees burying large volumes of CO2 as the only way to avoid "catastrophic climate change". The article explains little but has the right dosage of scaremongering. Another glass half empty, you might say. Is that what we pay government advisors for?

The BBC ask readers to comment on this and many have. Interesting that those who support Kyoto have only emotional words to write while those who do not generally provide useful evidence why they don't. One Phil, from Oxford, goes so far as to offer some useful statistics. I'm going to quote them here as I don't think such comments are preserved on the BBC website:

CO2 is not a pollutant. We all breath it out and it's essential to life on the planet. Without it all the plants die and us with them.

CO2 only makes up 2% of greenhouse "gases", 97% is water vapour and the rest miscellaneous stuff such as methane. Human activity produces 6-9 GTonnes of CO2 every year which is 4-6% of the total, natural sources, mainly oceans, produce 150-153 GTonnes per year.

If Global Warming is happening don't let's get deluded that we can do anything about it. Kyoto won't make the slightest bit of difference. We'd be better off spending the money adjusting to the new conditions.

Thanks, Phil, for a useful contribution to the debate.


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