Wednesday, December 07, 2005

David Cameron tackles Climate Change

Newly elected leader of the opposition Conservative Party staked his claim to the throne of UK politics at his first Prime Minister's Question Time (watch the video).

One of the topics chosen was climate change. How unfortunate, I thought, as I heard him rattle out the same out Kyoto-think rhetoric. His advisors clearly are not with the program of change that is affecting climate change. Too bad, for this could be an area where the man could be seen to be "before his time". As it is, I believe Prime Minister Tony Blair probably won that particular point by stressing technological transfer. And as I've stated before, Blair is head and shoulders above the rest of British politics when it comes to understanding the economics of global warming politics. Cameron needs to do some hard thinking on this one if he is to make any political capital out of it.

(Addendum: I'm pleased to see that others agree that this was not the smartest of subjects to choose!)


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