Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Beeb reports from Montreal

Oh, if it wasn't true it would be funny. This is the stuff of fantasy, not the real world!

First up, take a look at the photo accompanying the article. Electricity generation cooling towers spewing forth. . . . water vapor in the evening sky! But it must be pollution, surely?

Next, we have an august body named the Campaign Against Climate Change that has somehow got itself to the forefront of the environmental lobby, presumably by using ill-thought out and scientifically wrong information to scare an unwitting public. Visit their site and you are bombarded with reports that "more than a hundred attended a meeting in Oxford" as well as vituperous slander against their arch enemy Dubya. Doesn't seem to be a mainstream organization to me but they get top billing with the Friends of the Earth.

The arrogance of these people amazes me. The last thing they worry about is factual scientific evidence while they go about dismantling the very economic system that has nurtured them and given them everything they need - including the ease of transport to get to their demonstration and the heating to make their meeting rooms nice and cosy. I wonder how many would turn up if they had to walk 30 miles and then sit on straw mats in a cold, ill-lit barn in order to hold one of their meetings?


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