Thursday, November 03, 2005

A reply from the Guardian

Last week Simon Jenkins wrote this article in the Guardian. Not normally known for non-green content, the paper addressed the errors of relying on wind turbine power and actually suggested that nuclear might be a better alternative. Even so, the author could not help but offer the "global warming" side of the story. So I sent him this e-mail:

Excellent reading and a lot of common sense about alternative energy. But please think again about how humankind is supposed to tackle climate change. The temperature at London has risen approximately 10ºC since the last Ice Age while the Kyoto protocol cannot even come close to controlling 0.2ºC of warming. In other words, we have to adapt to change not try to maintain the status quo.

And I now receive this reply:

Dear Paul Ashton,

Thanks for your email. I have much sympathy for what you say.

With best wishes

Simon Jenkins

I hope it wasn't written by a computer!


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