Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Prince of Wales speaks - should we listen?

The BBC has drawn out Prince Charles in an interview that embraces the "problem" of global warming.

Now, I have not seen or heard the interview so all I can go on is the web page cited above. My first thought is "so what" if Charles Windsor thinks global warming is a serious problem. Why should we put any additional credence in something nobility says? What are his credentials?

I see Charles as a supporter of tradition - he seems to dislike anything new (i.e. architecture) and wallows in near self pity about the changes going on in our society. He doesn't seem to understand that change is inevitable and that society will change according to the external forces surrounding it. He may rant and rave about farming methods but surely the reason farming methods change is because of external forces (supermarket buying policy, government regulations, weather, etc.).

Yes weather is a factor and climate change will be taken into account! But the key, surely, is to go with the change, not struggle against it!

One more thing about Prince Charles. I feel sorry for the man who has had little choice in his destiny and much ridicule from many for the things he says and the projects he embraces. In this case, however, I simply ask "on what scientific basis did you conclude that tackling global warming is something we must do for the sake of our grandchildren?"


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