Saturday, September 24, 2005

The BBC does understand science!

Well, one guy does, anyway. This appeared on the main news page this morning. Yes, it really did!

The good news is that Richard Black thinks like a scientist, not a journalist, then writes a lucid, fair and accurate-as-can-be-ascertained article. As others will not doubt point out, Black also lambasts the liberal press (the Independent) for suggesting that Hurricane Rita is a direct result of global warming.

What is most interesting about the data provided in the article (now there's a novel thought, a journalist providing data to back up his writing!) is that hurricanes appear to wax and wane over a time period of around 30 years and that this cyclicity has nothing to do with the hockey stick or other attempts to demonstrate anthropogenic climate change. So where does this possibly take us? One thought is that such a cyclicity may be bound in with phenomena like El NiƱo and sun-spot activity. There's a good topic for research, someone!


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