Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Exentuate the Positive

Reading the House of Lords Select Committee's report (see entry below) reminds me of the saying "Exentuate the Positive". That is exactly the opposite of what the global warming doomsday scenario boys and girls want us to do!

During any period of change there will be some advantages and some disadvantages. For example, agriculture in northern latitudes can be expected to increase while some areas in warmer climes could suffer from increased droughts. Our ancestors took this into account as they migrated northward when the last ice age retreated. Of course, they didn't need passports then and the lands they occupied had no means to stop their migration. Unlike today. Which might offer an unlikely explanation for a negative emphasis on climate change - our immigration laws.

If we are to stress such disadvantages (and that is what the politicians and environmentalists want us to do) then obviously we should ignore the positive attributes of potential climate change. It takes a brave person to stand up against the overwhelming concensus that global warming is bad for the planet, particularly if that person depends on funding or election to continue in his/her role. But the House of Lords is not elected and so has no hang ups when it comes to providing a balanced view. No wonder Tony Blair wants to curtail its powers when it doesn't fall in line with his religious beliefs about global warming!


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