Friday, August 05, 2005

Daily Telegraph bashes the Establishment

Today's leader contains a useful commentary on the politics of the Royal Society and its insistence on consensus. Global warming is the battleground. This article should be archived and we will need to see what Lord May and others make of the criticism.

I particularly like the Telegraph's comment: It is not for this newspaper to establish scientific facts on climate change. The matter is not susceptible to the arguments of opinion. But nor can science be straitjacketed by "consensus". Scientific theories come not from committee-work, lobbying or votes, but from experiment. Dissident scientists should not be cast to the fringes, like lepers of old. If they dispute prevailing hypotheses, let us hear their grounds.

What makes a scientist dissident? Only concensus from the majority can do so and then only when the majority becomes inclusive to its own thinking. Shame on the Royal Society for falling into such a trap.


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