Monday, August 22, 2005

Back on line after a gap away

I've been in Africa for a spell and away from the daily news.

I have been thinking about the reasons why politicians, in particular, seem to be so concerned about climate change. The cynical approach to an explanation is that the whole subject is a red herring to take the electorates' mind off more pressing issues that could be tackled in a meaningful fashion.

But, perhps because I was in Africa, I have come up with another reason for their concern: immigration.

My reasoning goes like this. During man's history there have been several major climate changes (ice ages being the largest swings) and man has responded by moving freely from one area to another. This nomadic existence is still maintained in some areas of the world and it is of interest to note that such remaining nomadic peoples tend to be where the political boundaries are the least well marked and patrolled. Immigration controls in the west are a significant barrier to migration and these tend to be the more stronger when it is perceived that potential immigrants want something they don't have where they happen to be.

Think about Ethiopia or Niger. Major droughts have provided the impetus for large migrations out of those lands. Those remaining would probably like to leave as well, if they could. Not by land, of course, but by air.

The politicians of the First World (i.e. G8 plus) have seen this threat andf they don't like it. Of course, they can't easily talk about it, so they blame climate change instead and insist they must control the planet's climate. Silly fools.


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