Saturday, July 02, 2005

On Carbon Credits

Here we go again with the UK government stating there is "increasingly clear evidence that climate change is happening more quickly than expected (which) has made it necessary to "think the unthinkable". As a result, we can now expect the introduction of energy ration cards and the capability of trading carbon points. Please, UK Government, desist from scaremongering, or at least tell us how you know that climate change is happening more quickly than expected! Just how fast did we expect climate to change before we discovered a faster rate!!! This is sheer baloney being foisted on a population who are more and more inclined to believe what the non-scientists tell them about science.

As for carbon rationing, this is clearly a pre-G8 ploy to demonstrate that the UK is going to do something about complying with the Kyoto Protocol in the future. It's always easier to talk about what you're going to do than defend what you haven't been able to do!


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