Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

A report by the BBC on President Bush's interview with Trevor Macdonald on ITV suggests that the USA is not going to make any deals on the Kyoto Protocol at the G8 Meeting. This is good and what is more, the Prez's reasoning appears to be an honest reflection of Washington's position on the subject. I do worry, however, that Bush also stated that the USA sees global warming as a "significant long term issue". Of course, when you know you only have 3-1/2 years to go as leader, you can make these statements to soften the rhetoric, but even so it does suggest a chink in their logical armor - a chink that can be exploited.

Technology is indeed the way of the future, whether it be to combat global warming or not. The US position is therefore the correct one given that scientists really can't predict much about the long term impact of what may be a slight warming cycle. So full marks to Washington for insisting that Kyoto was a poorly thought out construction that has the potential to do a lot more harm than good.

Alternative energy sources make a lot of sense and we do need to expand our technological base for providing clean energy (regardless of global warming). Ultimately we will need oil as a feedstock for plastics rather than for energy, so it make sense to start looking for alternatives right now.


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