Sunday, July 03, 2005

ID Cards and Global Warming

This post has little to do with global warming (man-made or not) but is here for its relevance as an unusual example of a liberal newspaper actually being liberal. The subject is ID cards and the argument is that "the innocent have plenty to hide" if we are to retain the concept of freedom. Compelling reading for all those who think ID cards are a harmless intervention into our collective privacy.

So where's the connection? Well, its the same government that wants to foist ID cards on us that also tells us that we must spend our money (for the government's money is not theirs to spend, it came from us, the taxpayer) to save the planet from a terrible end. Just like the ID card proposals, it is clear that the government does not understand the underpinnings of its proposed actions toward "solving" global warming.

If the Guardian can see through the ID card rhetoric, perhaps they can also see through the political science of global warming. After all, the Washington Post has!


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