Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Politicians want consensus!

Today the BBC carries a story that makes me want to cringe with fear for the future. Tony Blair states: "If you accept, as I do, that global warming is a major, long-term threat, then policies at an international, national and local level are needed to help tackle it."

There is worse. All three mainstream British political parties want to get together to tackle global warming. It could be said that their collective hot air has much to do with causing global warming, but that would actually be good for the planet so I won't suggest it too strongly!

The arrogance of Blair and politicians in general never fails to amaze me. Blair is not a scientist and neither are most politicians. They think like lawyers because many of them trained to be lawyers. This is not good for the country, never mind the planet.

Oh, one more thing, Stephen Byers, ex-Transport Secretary (the guy now accused of ruining Railtrack by ex-shareholders) is a chairman of a new committee to deal with this consensus forming non-science. Surely it will snow today!


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