Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Change is good

I think that these G8 get togethers need to be abandoned. This latest one has turned out to be nothing more than a parade ground for stupid politician pronouncements. And the media are right in there as well. As are some faded rock'n'roll "legends" looking to revitalise their careers.

The question of African debt has been with us for a long long time and the truth about African aid programs is well known to most of us who claim to know even a little bit about Africa. Thus we tend to get just a little steamed up when we find ourselves bombarded with a sudden sense of urgency from Gordon Brown and Bob Geldof and their ilk. (Tho' at least the word "corruption" has been acknowledged this time around).

But this piece is more about the other G8 topic of the day - global warming. Aided and abetted by such liberal media as the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, we are being inundated by stories from "experts" who are attempting to scare the lay public into believing their mantra: global warming is bad for the planet.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that global warming could be of tremendous benefit to a majority of people on this planet. Carbon dioxide is a key ingredient for the plant world - more CO2 and plants grow faster. Translate that into higher crop yields and global warming could help to relieve hunger. But we all know (don't we?) that hunger is not so much a question of not enough food but rather a problem of distribution. Transportation generally requires energy and energy is a bad word under the Kyoto Protocol.

At this point the futility of arguing with the political propapanga machine makes me wonder why I started this piece. So, back to basics. Change is good - it's why we humans have evolved - and we should be considering how to take advantage of predictable changes in our environment, not making futile attempts to control Nature (remember the Indian Ocean tsunami and the resulting chaos and recriminations in supplying aid? Much of it still hasn't arrived.)

If sunflowers will be a sensible crop for southeastern England - GOOD! Let's get ready. Personally I can't wait to be able to have bougainvillea's growing up the walls of our cottage.

It's strange that it is the liberals in our society that want to keep everything the way it is. I thought that was the provenance of the conservative. Somewhere along the way our politicians have gotten so messianic that they have forgotten their own creeds.


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